Anonymous said:

I really hope you take my words on board you don't deserve her friendship if you have ulterior motives and would guilt her because she doesn't return your feelings.

I love her. I’d never force that upon her or make her feel guilted into feeling the same. I will not take your opinion on board, basically bc you are rude. This is my blog, I will post what I want. So I can rant about my feelings whenever I fucking want. It was just a post i had no intention on forcing my feelings on her bc I’m nice and her other ‘mates’ aren’t.

Anonymous said:

gross your friend doesn't owe you shit stop whining just because you treat her with basic decency doesn't mean she owes you love or a relationship. You treat her well and you think that entitled you to her love fuck off. Stop being so entitled and sexist IDC if you're a girl you are being sexist and gross.

Hah, fucks I give about your opinion. Of course I understand she owes me nothing. I never said she did. I just wish ppl would stop hurting her!

I just can’t with you, rn. You moan about guys making you not feel good enough. You say no one puts you first. I DO?!